New York Computer Forensics

The estimated population of New York is over 19,297,700 with a workforce of approximately 9,519,300. New York is 3rd largest state in terms of population. In places like New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, the demand for educated and trained New York computer forensics professionals continues to increase.

New York Computer Forensics

New York Computer Forensics Schools & Degrees

New York is well known for being a leader in finance, communications, international trade, publishing, and fashion. This state is also a major hub for computer forensic professionals. As the use of digital devices, including computers, continues to increase, so does the demand for computer forensics professionals.

Even with the availability of campus-based programs in New York, online computer forensics degrees are a very popular choice for many individuals. With a busy lifestyle, earning your degree is made much easier through an online college, since you can earn your degree according to your schedule no matter where you may be. There are several online programs available.

Featured Schools:

Purdue GlobalBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
SNHUBS Cybersecurity
Grand Canyon UniversityB.S. in Cybersecurity
Arizona State UniversityGlobal Security (Cybersecurity), MA
New York is unique in that there are several campus-based options for earning a degree or certificate in the highly-specialized field of computer forensics. Broome Community College in Binghamton and Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden both offer associates programs related to forensics. Broome offers an associate’s in Computer Technology/Security Forensics, and Tompkins Cortland offers an associate’s in Computer Forensics. Medaille College in Buffalo offers a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice/Computer Crimes Investigation. Utica College in Utica offers a bachelor’s in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and a master’s in economic crime management. Finally, John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City offers a master’s in Forensic Computing.

Whether it’s an online computer forensics degree or a degree that is related to computer forensics, requesting more information from the above schools is a great first step towards a rewarding career. For New York residents, there are a number of computer forensics degree options available to you to get you career pursuit started.

Computer Forensics Rules, Regulations, & Certification in New York

When it comes to standard operating procedure in computer forensics, every state has its own laws and procedures. Currently, New York is operating with regards to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments. There are no additional state laws or statutes on the books in New York concerning computer forensics or data recovery*.*

New York Computer Forensics Salaries

In New York, individuals in the computer forensics field make far greater money than the average pay across all professions in the state. In fact, New York is one of the states paying the highest salaries to computer forensic professionals. According to the United States Department of Labor, New York has an average state salary of $45,820 across all professions*. Computer forensics professions make more than double that salary at $91,000 a year**. Of course, as with any profession, the pay for computer forensics varies by the specific city you practice in. Traditionally, larger cities tend to pay better salaries than smaller, more rural areas. For instance, the salary for computer forensic examiners in New York City can start at $100,000 which is significantly higher than that in Ithaca which typically starts between $53,000-60,000**.

Specific breakdown of Computer Forensic Salaries in New York:

  • Average salary for a computer forensic examiner in the state of New York: $82,000-$91,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Albany, New York: $64,000-$71,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Buffalo, New York: $59,000-$66,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Ithaca, New York: $53,000-$60,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in New York City, New York: $89,000-$100,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Niagara Falls, New York: $59,000-$66,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Rochester, New York: $60,000-$67,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Syracuse, New York: $64,000-$71,000**


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