Connecticut Computer Forensics

New Haven, CT, is home to the Connecticut Computer Crimes Task Force. The Task Force is housed in the Connecticut FBI headquarters and includes Connecticut State Police Officers, FBI Agents, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, to name a few. Clearly, public sector Connecticut computer forensics opportunities exist.

This Task Force was put in place in 2004 to address the need for a defense against internet-related crimes including: Internet fraud, crimes against children, internet threats and harassment, and computer intrusion. The lab will allow for up to 27 agents between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to come together to combat the ever-growing threats faced in computer information protection and online fraud. This office is the only one of its kind in New England.

Featured Schools:

Purdue GlobalBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
SNHUBS Cybersecurity
Grand Canyon UniversityB.S. in Cybersecurity
Arizona State UniversityGlobal Security (Cybersecurity), MA

Connecticut Computer Forensics Schools & Degrees

Schools with specific computer forensic degrees are quite hard to come by. Being such a new career, computer forensics programs aren’t being offered in too many public or private higher learning institutions in Connecticut. However, online and distance learning schools are eager to expand their curriculum and offer degrees in computer forensics and their related fields of study.

Connecticut Computer ForensicsThere are some campus schools across the country that are realizing the trend and need for these programs. One such school is the University of New Haven in New Haven, Connecticut. Here Grad Certificates are available in Forensic Computer Investigation, as is a Certificate in Forensic Computer Investigation. Also available are the following certificate programs: Crime Analysis, Information Protection and Security, Law Enforcement Science, Private Security, and Victim Services Administration.

Another program in computer forensics is offered at the Charter Oak State College in New Britain, CT. Here they have a Computer Security Certificate, giving the student some ground work for his/her career in computer forensics.

Most campus colleges across the country offer computer science programs, which can give those interested in computer forensics a leg up by providing a solid foundation of education for future studies in computer forensics.

However rare it is to find a computer forensic program or degree, there is still the resource of online colleges. Here prospective students can find a wide range of certifications in computer forensics available, along with programs and training in computer forensics and related fields of study.

Computer Forensics Rules, Regulations, & Certification in Connecticut

When it comes to standard operating procedure in computer forensics, every state has its own laws and procedures. Currently, Connecticut is operating with regards to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments. There are no additional state laws or statutes on the books in Connecticut concerning computer forensics or data recovery.

Connecticut is among the majority of the states which require any individual practicing data recovery with the intent of using found information in a court of law be a licensed Private Investigator in that state. This is referred to as electronic discover or e discovery. While this is not an issue for the Law Enforcement Agencies working across the country it could prove to be an obstacle for those working in the private sector as computer forensic “specialists”*.*

Connecticut Computer Forensics Salaries

The estimated average income for all employed in the state of Connecticut is $45,970* according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Salaries in computer forensics vary quite a bit from region to region across the country. In Connecticut, computer forensic professionals make a much higher salary than in most states across the country. Computer forensic examiners in Connecticut are making an average annual salary of $81,000**, which is nearly double the average salary across all professions in this state.

Of course, as with all states, in Connecticut the salary for computer forensic examiners varies based on location. For instance, in Hartford, CT, and Enfield, CT computer forensic examiners are making an average of $78,000** per year, while the average income for a computer forensic examiner in New Haven, CT, is $75,000** annually.

Specific breakdown of Computer Forensic Salaries in Connecticut:

  • Average salary for a computer forensic examiner in the state of Connecticut: $76,000-$85,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Enfield, Connecticut: $73,000-$82,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in Hartford, Connecticut: $73,000-$82,000**
  • Average computer forensic salary in New Haven, Connecticut: $71,000-$79,000**


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