Computer Forensics States

You probably are convinced that computer forensics sounds like an interesting field. But what are the logistics of practicing this field in your state? What is the salary like? Does the state you live in have available degree programs for you to pursue?

As a general rule of thumb, computer forensic professionals typically make double or more than the average state salary across all professions. So overall this is a lucrative field to pursue and you will likely make significantly more than you would in other fields. These state-specific pages not only break down the average state computer forensics salary compared to the average state salary across all professions, but it also provide city-specific salary information. Traditionally in larger cities the pay is better than smaller more rural areas.

Select the state you live in or plan to practice forensics in, located on the left, to get more specific details on computer forensics in your state.

Computer Forensics Schools, Degrees, & Helpful Information in Your State

In terms of wondering whether your state has degree or certificate programs available in computer forensics, information systems security, or a related field, you will want to select your particular state to learn the specifics. However, since the field of computer forensics is a fairly new field, many of the campus-based colleges and universities do not have these programs available yet. There are a handful of campus-based programs in some states, but all states have a variety of online options available to pursue a degree in the computer forensics field. Many individuals vie for the online degree or certificate option since they enjoy the convenience of completing the courses on their schedule and from the convenience of their home.

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