Computer Forensics Salaries

Generally speaking, there are stark differences between the computer forensics salaries of public sector examiners and private sector examiners. On the public/government side, there are several different types of examiners. These include police officers, civilian examiners working for law computer forensics salariesenforcement, military personnel, civilian examiners working for military, civilian contractors working for military and defense contractors, and examiners working for government regulatory (civil enforcement/non-criminal) agencies. Sworn law enforcement officers and military personnel are typically paid based upon prevailing union wages or pay scales, as opposed to market rates. Thus, often times these examiners are not paid based upon their experience and capability, and computer forensics salaries are predetermined.

Public Sector Computer Forensics Salaries

Civilian examiners working for state and local law enforcement agencies often have starting computer forensics salaries in the area of $50k to $75k. These salaries can fluctuate based upon security clearances, experience, and degrees and range up into the six figures for more qualified examiners. Private government contractors appear to pay on a similar scale, skewing toward the upper level of that range.

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Private Sector Computer Forensics Salaries

On the private side, there are a few different scales for different jobs. Significantly, geographical location matters when discussing computer forensics salaries. New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, London, and others, are computer forensic hot-spots. In these hot spots, the computer forensics salaries will be somewhat higher than other geographic areas. Brand new forensic examiners with limited experience will often-times start in private consulting firms in the $50k to $60k range. Smaller firms will generally pay a little more than larger consulting firms, though the market is competitive for forensic examiners with experience, particularly private consulting experience. Managers of forensic teams in private consulting firms typically make in the six figures. Senior consultants’ computer forensics salaries will typically fall somewhere in between. Senior managers salaries will often fall in the mid $100,000 to $200,000 range. Partners at consulting firms, and owners of forensic firms, can make computer forensics salaries that are far higher.

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