Cyber Security Degree

By obtaining a cyber security degree, students will learn the basics of computer forensics, with a focus on cyber crime and cyber security. Whereas a computer forensics degree will focus on identifying digital information that can help solve any type of crime, cyber security training will focus the student’s …a cyber security degree will keep students on the cutting edge of Internet technologyattention on crimes that have been committed via a computer and the Internet.

An example of a crime that would be handled by a general computer forensics expert is that of a person who commits a robbery or other real world crime but talks about it via email or instant message. Those messages can be used to prosecute the crime, although sending the emails over the Internet was not necessarily against the law. An example of cyber crime would be someone listing an item on an Internet auction with no intention of shipping the item; they are only doing it to steal the funds from the buyer. The crime was committed over the Internet using a computer, and a cyber security expert is required to prevent these types of crimes from occurring. Setting up tracking systems to prevent fraud would be the job of someone with cyber security training.

Getting a cyber security degree will keep students on the cutting edge of Internet technology, and help prevent these types of crimes in the future.

Featured Schools:

Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMS in Cybersecurity and Information Systems
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaOnline MS in Cybersecurity
Utica CollegeMS in Cybersecurity

What is Cyber Security Training Useful For?

As the world has become more and more technology driven, personal information is hard to keep safe and secure. Cyber security experts help keep this information safe.

Due to the rising trends in cyber security being threatened, many companies and high-ranking government agencies are finding it necessary to employ experts in the field of cyber security. Because of this, many schools around the country have started adding cyber security degrees and training programs to their curriculum.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is at its simplest definition, keeping online information secure. This includes keeping behind the scenes networks safe as well. Cyber crime ranges identity thieves stealing credit card information to hackers breaking into complex government networks and using sensitive data for harmful purposes. Everyone who uses a computer to connect to the Internet is vulnerable to becoming a victim, and as computers are used more in our daily lives than ever before, this is becoming a widespread problem that requires experts to solve.

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