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Computer Crime Case F: Intellectual Property Theft

A large tier one supplier suspected a foreign engineer of theft of intellectual property. The supplier had learned that an international competitor was using a patented process, developed by the client, to bring competing product to the US market. Counsel for the supplier called a computer forensic consulting firm to examine the engineer's PDA and laptop hard drive.

Despite a parallel federal investigation, federal law enforcement did not have sufficient resources to conduct the examination given their focus on homeland security. When the forensic examination of the laptop and PDA were complete, the results were delivered to the special agent (FBI) in charge of the criminal case. The analysis produced email correspondence, copies of the patented process and other incriminating data. The criminal charges resulted in a conviction of an engineer and a second employee.

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American InterContinental University Online
Online Programs:   Bachelor's (BIT) - Digital Investigation , Master's (MIT) - Information Assurance and Security , Bachelor's (BIT) - Internet Security , more...

Virginia College
Online Programs:   MS - Cybersecurity

ECPI University
Online Programs:   Network Security - Associate , Network Security - Bachelor

Independence University
Online Programs:   Computer Science - Networking and Information Systems Security (BS) ++

Walden University
Online Programs:   B.S. in Criminal Justice - Computer Information Systems and Security , Masters of Information Systems Management - Enterprise Information Security , M.S. in Information Technology - Information Security , more...

Jones International University
Online Programs:   MBA in Information Security Management-Cyber Security , BBA Information Security Management (Accelerated)

DeVry University
Online Programs:   Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Computer Forensics , Bachelor's - Computer Information Systems - Information Systems Security

Colorado Technical University Online
Online Programs:   Bachelor of Science - Cyber Security:Information Assurance , Bachelor of Science - Cyber Security:Computer Systems Security , Doctorate of Computer Science - Digital Systems Security , more...

Capella University
Online Programs:   PhD - Information Assurance and Security , PhD - Information Technology, General , BS - Information Technology, General

Northcentral University
Online Programs:   Computer and Information Security - MBA

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