Computer Forensics Services Payment

On the private side of computer forensics, clients typically are under a client contract that outlines the computer forensics services payment plan. There is usually a retainer fee required during the time the client contract is signed. One of the reasons for the retainer fee is that sometimes when computer forensic consulting agencies are unable to find or recover the alleged evidence the client wants, they refuse to pay for services. Typical retainer fee charges would be around $1000 for each hard drive that is being examined. In addition to the retainer fee, an hourly fee for the forensic services is also charged. The hourly fee can range from $200-400 per hour.

Featured Schools:

Purdue GlobalBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
SNHUBS Cybersecurity
Grand Canyon UniversityB.S. in Cybersecurity
Arizona State UniversityGlobal Security (Cybersecurity), MA

The Evolution of Computer Forensics Services Payment

In the past, computer forensics services payment was far greater than it is today. Trained computer forensics personnel were much harder to come by and most investigations required the involvement of a number of individuals. Even then, there was no guarantee that the case would be resolved. Today, the ranks of computer forensics experts continues to expand, so the supply is starting to fill the demand. In addition, computer forensics techniques have advanced with the help of technology that continues to evolve. In other words, today’s computer forensics cases require fewer people and can be resolved faster. The result is that computer forensics services payment is currently more reasonable than it was in the recent past. However, Don’t expect that trend to continue.

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