Criminal Justice Degrees

Some individuals desire to get into the law enforcement side of computer forensics. Rather than earning an IT degree or a information security degree, they prefer to earn criminal justice degrees. …law enforcement officers at all levels… need to know how to investigate cases involving technology” Many schools, online and campus-based, offer both a computer forensics degree and certificate programs.

There was a time that crimes involving computers and technology were confined to certain types of criminal offenses like economic crime and online child exploitation. Rarely did officers come across technology in other types of cases. Today, law enforcement officers at all levels – local, state, and federal – need to know how to investigate cases involving technology and criminal justice degrees provide that type of training. Violent crimes, economic crimes, narcotics offenses, and other serious offenses are now committed with the use of technology – and law enforcement professionals must respond to the new challenges.

Featured Schools:

Purdue GlobalBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
SNHUBS Cybersecurity
Grand Canyon UniversityB.S. in Cybersecurity
Arizona State UniversityGlobal Security (Cybersecurity), MA
Many colleges and universities have recognized the increased demand for some integration of technology into criminal justice curricula. Schools offering criminal justice degrees have started offering elective courses in computer forensics and cybercrime. If you are interested in a career in the computer forensics or hi-tech crime unit of a law enforcement, military, or other government agency, a combination of course work in both computer forensics and criminal justice may be the avenue to take.

For those wanting to pursue the public side of the computer forensics field, the following criminal justice degrees may be the right choice. Associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even Ph.D. criminal justice programs are available at campuses and through online programs. To learn more, choose a program below.

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