Cybercrime is a growing threat, and it is even affecting banks, possibly even your bank. All around the world, banks are having problems with hackers, but they are not very forthcoming with information about their security breaches. They do not want to let on to how large of a problem this really is, likely because they known it will cause concern with their customers. This is disingenuous of them, but it is difficult to know which banks are having these types of issues because they are so tight-lipped about the whole thing.

The cybercriminals of today are attacking banks differently than they did in the past. It used to be that they would get into a bank’s system, grab information and steal money, and then slip out of the system while covering their tracks. Now, it seems that the hackers are spending more time in the bank systems, hiding, and stealing information and money over a longer period. Even with the security that the banks have in place, they are not able to catch all of these criminals.

If things do not change, and the banks and other financial institutions don’t take more action – both reactive and proactive – it could generate a global financial crisis. While this might seem like a “the sky is falling” attitude, the threat that this type of cybercrime poses is very real. Does that mean that you should take all of your money out of the bank? No, but it does mean that you are going to want to pay very close attention to your accounts, and you are going to need to be careful whenever you are logging into your accounts via the web.

This type of cybercrime is a growing problem, and the banks and the governments do need to start taking more action. They also need to make sure that they convict those found hacking into the systems.

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